Air Purification with Bipolar Ionization Systems

Heightened awareness over the danger of airborne bacteria and diseases has lead many businesses, schools, churches and even private residences to purchase a bipolar ionization system. This system is effectively another supplemental air filtration device, helping kill off major viruses and bacteria that are commonly airborne, including SARS COV-2—the virus known to cause COVID-19. Innovative systems like these may seem like a hefty investment, but often bring the level of air purification you want, at a much more affordable price when compared to other HVAC System upgrades. At Air-Row Fans, we specialize in the manufacturing and distribution of equipment specially designed to assist HVAC systems in efficiency and performance. Destratification fans and bipolar ionization systems are just a couple examples of what we have to offer.

So how does this process all work? Filtering out particles, gases and vapors—a bipolar ionization system throws all airborne pollutants towards the floor, effectively eliminating them. The cartridges used to carry out this process use an advanced Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization process. Our bipolar ionization system features two carbon fiber brush emitters that supply an ion count of 49.8 million ions/cm3 @ 115 V. Aided by the help of our destratification fans, a single installed bipolar ionization system can effectively sanitize the air in areas up to 1,200 square feet.

Air-Row is a dedicated manufacturer and distributer of supplemental HVAC systems, such as destratification fans and bipolar ionization systems. Over 30 years of experience, along with a robust staff of professionals has made it easy for us to bring quality products and services to you. Ready to learn more? Contact us or request a free quote today!

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