Air-Row -- Our Powerful Line of Destratification Fans

Destratification Fans for Open Ceilings

Air-Row F-18 — More Air with Less Power for Greater Energy Savings

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Destratification Fans for Grid Ceilings

Flush Mount Lay-In fans for Standard 2×2 Ceiling Grids

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Save Cost with Air-row Fans

Monthly HVAC
Air-Row Fans Cut Your Energy Costs by 30% or More

30% or More
Destrification Fan for Open Ceiling

$ Pay-Off


Air-Row Destrification Fans
"It is still set at 65 with the doors opening and shutting.The fans make all of the difference."
"Our products are better displayed because we've eliminated the fogging and condensation on the refrigerator doors..."
"Our vestibule entrance is now warm and our floors are dry. The guy I hired to mop the floors all day has nothing to do..."
"It was so cold in our frozen food aisle, no one wanted to linger here. Now, that has changed..."
"Our loading dock workers went from wearing jackets to t-shirtswith the fans installed..."
"Our night recovery went from four hours to 30 minutes..."
"We had three rooftop furnaces working full-time.With the fans, we now have one..."
"Customers used to run through the frozen food section and grab what they need. Now they take their time and browse our aisles..."
"When I installed the Air-Row fans, the workers were wearingdown jackets. When I came back the next day to pick up my tools,they were working in shirt sleeves..."
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