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AIR-ROW Destratification Fans

Employee Safety, Customer Comfort, Energy Savings, and Lower Overhead

Whether you’re trying to increase the air quality or increase your bottom line, Air-Row’s destratification fans are the answer.

How does Air-Row Help?

Building Thermal Stratification is caused when heat rises to the ceiling and cool air falls to the floor, creating temperature differences between various layers of air in the building. 

Building Thermal Destratification happens when the different layers of air mix, creating a more uniform temperature distribution throughout the building.

Air-Row Destratification blow air in the ceiling down to the floor, creating thermal destratification in spaces as high as 100ft.

Prevent mold and mildew and improve air quality

Eliminate cold spots and drafts

Reduced environmental footprint

Reduced load and extend life on HVAC systems

Reduce energy consumption costs by up to 30% or more

Increased worker and customer comfort

See the results for yourself!

If our fans are not in your building, they should be. Air-Row’s high performance destratification fans are in operation in buildings nationwide, solving air distribution problems and cutting energy costs along the way. Air-Row Fans cut your energy costs by 30% or more and solve a myriad of air distribution problems.

Air-Row in Supermarkets


Air-Row in Schools

Schools and Universities work towards sustainability and energy savings. Air-Row fans fit naturally within these strategies, and are today at work in lecture halls, auditoriums, and classrooms.

Fresh Clean Air is healthy Air

Add our BPI Bipolar Ionization system Cartridge to neutralize particulates, gases, and vapors, and throw pollutants to the floor where they may be disinfected and eliminated.

Ready to Get Your Air Moving in the Right Direction?

Our experts are ready to help you find the right solution to solve your facilities problems and save you money and energy.

American Made

For nearly 40 years our patented destratifaction fans have been manufactured and sold from the heartland in the crossroads of America.