Destratification Fans – A Must For High Ceilings

Large spaces like big-box retailers, warehouses, schools and more all require considerable amounts of energy from their HVAC systems to keep their spaces heated or cooled. The system’s age, dated technology and any improper installation techniques can all play a role into it running inefficiently. This means increases in energy costs, uneven air distribution, and hot or cold zones in your space. For proper air rotation, destratification fans from Air-Row Fans work to redistribute the air throughout your space, helping your HVAC work less to maintain an ambient temperature. Below are some of the major benefits to using destratification fans in large spaces, and more detailed explanations into how they work in conjunction with an existing HVAC system.

Air Distribution

The primary function of destratification fans is to evenly distribute air throughout larger, open-air environments. Many existing HVAC systems often have trouble covering all parts of the space, causing retailers, schools and more to waste large amounts of energy running their system longer than necessary. Since hot air naturally rises to the top of these high ceilings, destratification fans work to suck down the hot air that has gathered at the ceiling, and redistribute it throughout the space. Even air distribution means your space will heat up and cool down to your intended temperature quickly, using less energy. Aided with warehouse ceiling fans, a destratification fan system can help achieve energy efficiency your space has never seen.

Customer and Employee Comfort

Destratification fans can help maintain a comfortable air temperature for both your customers and employees. With weather always changing, any sudden upticks of cold or warm weather will not impact your space, no matter how many times enter and exit the doorway.

Boost Your HVAC System’s Longevity

Destratification fan systems can help take much of the burden off of your existing HVAC system. Continuous redistribution of the ambient air allows cooler or warmer temperatures to remain constant longer—helping minimize the amount your HVAC system needs to run. For near-perfect weather days, a destratrification fan system could help keep a space fresh and comfortable for hours without the aid of the HVAC system.

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