Grid Ceiling Solutions

LA-248 | DA-248

Our commercial/industrial flush mount ceiling fan is designed to be dropped into a traditional grid or suspended ceiling. The fan is completely self-contained (no duct attachments) and fits into standard 2×2 ceiling grid systems. 

Our lay-in fans are particularly effective for vestibule entrances. The fans act as a barrier to rain and snow in colder climates, keeping floors warm and dry, and aiding accident prevention. The fans are also a barrier in humid climates, reducing excess air loss as the humidity meets air conditioning.

Our standard lay-in fan, the LA-248, is a high performance destratification fan that drops right in ceiling grids. 
Our “Direct Air” fan, the DA-248 (left), comes ready to be connected to duct work. The universal DA-248 has been used successfully for open-coffin, multi-deck aisles, and in augmenting starving long runs to bring air distribution to specific areas.

Problems Solved

    • Maintain dry floors for accident prevention
    • Reduce hot and cold spots
    • Eliminate fogging and sweating doors
    • Prevent mold and mildew build-up


    • Cut your energy costs up to 30%
    • Extend the life of your HVAC equipment
    • Redistribute air for improved air quality
    • Create comfort for employees and customers
    • Target air to resolve building problems

    Features and Options

    Air-Row’s LA/DA lay-in products come standard with an efficient EC (Electronically Commutated) motor. These high quality 3-bladed EC motors come thermally protected and multi-speed programmable.

    Air-Row fans are created of durable aluminum for long-life and exceptional performance years after installation. The unique aluminum design is more durable, customizable, and environmentally friendly.

    Color Matching
    In recent years, Air-Row’s ability to custom color match has been a huge success. All Air-Row Fan products can be professionally color matched to conform to any store environment.

    Speed Control/BAS Interface
    Air-Row fans may be grouped or independently wired to a custom wall switch for on/off and multi-speed capabilities. Products can also be controlled through an integrated circuit, which provides interface with building management systems.

    Field Servicability
    Air-Row Fans unique lay-In design gives easy access for quick and simple maintenance and repair.

    American Made

    For nearly 40 years our patented destratifaction fans have been manufactured and sold from the heartland in the crossroads of America.

    We had three rooftop furnaces working full-time. With the fans; we now have one.

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    LA-248 | DA-248


    Model Volts HZ Watts AMPS RPM dBA Max Height
    LA-248 115V 50/60 29 .42 1550 59 30 ft
    DA-248 115V 50/60 29 .42 1550 59 30 ft

    LA-248 | DA-248

      • High-efficient ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor)
      • Built-in thermal overload protector “TOP”
      • Custom tri-blade pitch impeller
      • Three customizable speed levels for decibel sensitivity and air performance
      • Degree of protection – IP55
      • Approval – UL, CUL, & CE


        • High quality .040 Kynar aluminum (Fan weight – 11lbs.)
        • Unique patented design
        • Removeable diffuser insert for easy access
        • Flush mountable for standard 2×2 grid tile systems
        • Unit is entirely self-contained (no extra components)
        • 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly


        • High quality .040 Kynar aluminum (Fan weight – 11lbs.)
        • Unique patented design
        • Flow opening with 10” duct collar ring attached
        • Removeable diffuser insert for easy access
        • Flush mountable for standard 2×2 grid tile systems
        • Unit is entirely self-contained (no extra components)
        • 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly

        LA-248 | DA-248

          • Conforms to UL-507 for safety and electric fans
          • ETL listed in USA and Canada
          • Intertek 4004010
          • U.S. Patented Product

        Full 10-year parts and workmanship warranty included from date of purchase

        LA-248 | DA-248

        (Additional costs may apply for the following)

          • BMS Connectivity via 0-10VDC Relay System
          • Cord & Plug (115V 3-prong black or white UL listed)
          • AR-Switch (Wall Control) Dual function fan controller
          • Seismic Restraint Cables – Two 5’ safety cables with easy push button mechanisms by Gripple®. Each cable is UL certified with a 33lb weight  restriction and a 5:1 safety factor rating

          Polar White (standard)

          Black (secondary)

          *All products can be professionally matched to any specific color by a process called powder coating.

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