Air Purification Solutions

Improve Your Air Quality With Ease

Air-Row air purification options

    • For Open Ceilings (with our F-18)
    • For Grid Ceilings (with our LA-248 Lay-In)
    • Certified and tested for improved air quality!
    • Air-Row Fan products are the first step in air purification. Designed to change and improve air distribution and ventilation, Air-Row products break up the trapped, stale air at the ceiling, treat it, and move it to the floor, creating an air change every hour.

Common Applications

    • Offices and Office Buildings
    • Hospitals and Medical Facilities
    • Health and Fitness Clubs
    • Restaurants and Food Services
    • Schools and Universities

A 3-Fold Approach


Our F-18 and LA-248 destratification fans are the first step – to break up stale, trapped air and to provide regular air rotations


Add our BPI Bipolar Ionization system Cartridge to neutralize particulates, gases, and vapors, and throw pollutants to the floor where they may be disinfected and eliminated


At the front end of the air handling system, Air-Row Fans recommends our UV-PCO (Ultra-Violet Photocatalytic Oxidation) Bulbs and HEPA filters with at least a MERV-13 rating. UV bulbs should not be placed in the fans where they can be exposed to the human eye.

Key Features

    • Intertek Tested and Verified Zero Ozone
    • UL Certified 2998 Tested < than 30 ppb.
    • Handles up to 2000 CFM
    • Efficient 115V Power
    • Compact 3.16” X 2.27” X 1.16”

Independent Laboratory Testing

BPI cartridges from Air-Row Fans use an advanced Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization process. The cartridges feature two precise brush emitters made from carbon fiber that supply an ion count of 49.8 million ions/cm3 @ 115V. With the help of our 630+ CFM producing axial destratification fans, our BPI units can help clean and neutralize areas up to 1,200 square feet per application.

Negative ionization has been tested by independent, accredited laboratories to determine its effectiveness. Below are the results, listing the incubation period and the rate of reduction of specific pathogens tested. Tests were conducted by EMSL Analytical, a platinum-rated lab used by The Center for Disease Control.

93.5% after 30 minutes of activation
Human Coronavirus 229E
90% after 60 minutes of activation
99.7% after 30 minutes of activation
Clostridium Difficile
86.8% after 30 minutes of activation
69% after 60 minutes of activation
96.2% after 30 minutes if activation
96% after 15 minutes activation
E. coli
96.2% after 30 minutes of activation
Airborne Mold
99.5%, per tests by the Indoor Environment Tests Organization

American Made

For nearly 40 years our patented destratifaction fans have been manufactured and sold from the heartland in the crossroads of America.

Ready to Get Your Air Moving in the Right Direction?

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BPI (Bi-Polar Ionization)

Model Voltage Type HZ Watts Ion Count Max CFM Coverage Area
BPI GEN 24VDC or 115V 50/60 7W 49.8M/cm3 1800 2000 ft2

  • 24VDC option for HVAC connection without fan
  • 115V power option when BPI is mounted in fan
  • Inline C-Class Fusing: 100mA @ 115V
  • 300V (24 AWG) power wire
  • RED wire – Positive / Black wire – Neutral
  • Ion Count = 49.8M / cm3
  • Green LED will illuminate when powered & operating
  • BPI unit can be powered 24/7 with fan
  • The Air-Row BPI uses bi-polar ionization technology, which is a type of air purification that uses voltage to generate electrically charged particles with extra electrons. The BPI is a needle point bi-polar ionization cartridge that creates positively and negatively charged ions, that help purify indoor air quality for human occupancy. The BPI cartridge carries two precise carbon fiber emitters to create electrodes which helps break down molecule chains into smaller and less harmful substances in bacteria and viruses.

    Our specific BPI cartridge can be installed in all AirRow Fan applications. With in-house testing and precise placement, the BPI helps neutralize viruses and bacteria while the fan sends the purified air towards the ground helping with poor air circulation which converts to cleaner air and significant energy savings.

    Conforms to UL STD 867. UL STD 2998

    Certified to: CAN/CSA STD C22.2 NO. 187

    2-year limited warranty included from date of purchase

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