Supermarket Problems Solved

Air-Row has its roots in grocery stores, helping the industry solve air distribution problems that are complicated by refrigeration and the outdoor elements. Air-Row Fans are operating in grocery stores all across the country, many more than a decade after they were installed.

Air-Row handle problems dealing with sweating doors, wet floors, mold and moisture, hot and cold spots, and more. Beyond problem-solving, Air-Row Fans save store owners as much as 30% in HVAC-related energy savings.

Check out our case study involving a Michigan grocery store. Air-Row engineers consulted with store managers at the 15,000 square-foot grocery store to identify key problems, and was able to identify solutions to reverse problems in the refrigerated product, sales check-out, and receiving areas.

The store earned a 25% savings in their HVAC-related energy costs with the installation of Air-Row. This resulted in several thousand dollars in monthly savings and a return on investment in 1.5 years. This success has been replicated in supermarkets, grocery stores and convenience markets across the nation.

Case Study

Check out our Supermarket Case Study

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