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Ah, summer. A time of rising temperatures and rising HVAC bills. If you own or operate a business, then you know the importance of having a comfortable environment for both your employees and customers. Many high-performance HVAC systems may be able to get the job done on their own, but could end up over-worked and inefficient. That is where industrial warehouse ceiling fans come in. Operating as one giant, slow-moving unit, an industrial sized fan works best for high-ceiling spaces, such as warehouses, big-box retailers or manufacturing plants. At Air-Row Fans, we specialize in providing industrial warehouse ceiling fans and destratification fans for businesses around the country. Here are some of the top-places these fans work best.


As implied by the name, warehouse ceiling fans work great in large warehouses, with high-open ceilings. With such an exceptional amount of airspace, it can take an enormous amount of power for your existing HVAC system to keep up. A single industrial warehouse ceiling fan can replace upwards of 30 regular sized fans, while using less energy in the process.

Big-Box Retailers

Imagine yourself on a hot summer afternoon, looking for a tool or part at a big-box home improvement center. You are having some trouble finding what you need, and the air temp is humid and uncomfortable. While you could run around, getting more hot and uncomfortable, many of us would rather cut our losses and look somewhere else. That is exactly what you want to AVOID! A warehouse ceiling fan can help continuously cool and redistribute the sir throughout the space, allowing the HVAC unit to perform more efficiently, and preventing the build up of humidity and heavy air.

School Auditoriums and Gyms

While many of the activities may not occur during the hottest summer months, it is still important to keep your gyms and performance centers cool and comfortable for the transitional seasons towards the beginning and end of the school year. Installing industrial warehouse ceiling fans can help keep the areas continuously cool, and help prevent overheating during athletic activities. Additionally, warehouse ceiling fans do a great job with air distribution all year round, helping ensure your auditorium spaces are at the optimal temperature, winter, summer, spring and fall.

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