A Destratification Fan Made for drop Ceilings

Air-Row destratification fans are commonly used to address temperature differential issues in buildings / warehouses, with the added benefits of energy efficiency, improved comfort, condensation control, and improved air quality.  

In the context of drop ceilings, which are a type of suspended ceiling commonly used in commercial settings, Air-Row’s patented LA-248 destratification fan blends into your existing t-bar grid ceiling seamlessly, with the aesthetics of a standard diffuser, and is easy to install. 

Listed below are the benefits of our LA-248. 

Temperature Equalization

In any building environment, temperature variations occur where warm air rises to the top while cooler air remains at lower levels. Air-Row destratification fans help by blowing the hot air down to the floor, mixing the warm and cool air layers, and reducing temperature stratification. This leads to a more even distribution of temperature throughout. 

Energy Efficiency

By equalizing temperatures, our destratification fans can reduce the workload on heating and cooling systems. In winter, they can push down warm air trapped at the ceiling level, reducing the need for additional heating.  

Improved Comfort

Maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the space enhances comfort for occupants. It prevents situations where certain areas feel too hot or too cold, creating a more pleasant environment for employees and customers. During the winter, hot air trapped in the ceiling space is blown down onto the occupants, whereas in the Summer, better air circulation improves perceived temperature. 

Condensation Control

Temperature differentials can sometimes lead to condensation issues, especially in humid environments. Air-Row destratification fans can help mitigate this by maintaining a more uniform temperature profile, reducing the risk of condensation forming on surfaces and helping to maintain a comfortable environment for product and occupants.  

Air Quality

Improved air circulation due to Air-Row destratification fans can contribute to better indoor air quality. Stagnant air can lead to the buildup of dust, allergens, and pollutants, whereas proper air movement helps in keeping the air fresher and healthier. 

When considering destratification fans for drop ceilings, it’s essential to choose fans that are suitable for the size of the space and designed to work efficiently in commercial or industrial environments. They must be easy to service, while also maintaining their performance and longevity. Air-Row accomplishes all three with the LA-248, as well as providing a 10-year warranty on the EC fan motor. 

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