Grow Room Cool Down

As record-breaking high temperatures are set this summer season, keeping your grow room and greenhouse applications cool and ventilated is crucial for the health of your plants. In order to best maintain grow room ventilation and the ideal temperature levels, the use of destratification fans can come in handy. These fans work to actively redistribute fresh air throughout your space, and help keep the ambient air temperature consistently cool. At Air-Row Fans, we specialize in the manufacturing, distribution and installation of destratification fans for a variety of commercial applications. Using just a small amount of electricity, our destratification fan systems help maintain health air and plants for the entire growing season. Here is a bit more about how our fans help your grow room and greenhouse application stay successful.

Ventilation and Circulation

Your plants need to breathe. Proper circulation and ventilation achieved through the use of destratification fans an help greatly enhance the growth, flowering and fruiting of your plants—for both grow room and greenhouse applications. Since warm air rises and can get trapped at the ceiling, our destratification fans work to actively draw in any trapped hot air, then redistribute it downwards towards the floor. This can help improve the air temperature significantly in a small amount of time, along with preventing the spread of airborne plant diseases that gain strength with dead air. Additionally, by drawing hot air trapped at the ceiling down towards the plant canopy, you are also supplying the leaves with a critical fresh supply of carbon dioxide.

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