The Versatile Secret Weapon for Vestibule Entrances


The Air-Row DA-248 is a self-contained register that can be mounted virtually anywhere along the duct work to target air distribution problems. We’ve had particular success at vestibule entrances, keeping floors dry and providing a buffer from the elements.

Cold, wet entrances are a nuisance to supermarkets and retail stores, as constant mopping becomes a necessity to protect the safety of customers. The DA-248 fan is a versatile solution for correcting air movement issues anywhere, particularly in drying floors and changing the environment of vestibule entrances.

An Air-Row Fan solution for vestibule entrances has proven successful in stores all across the country in warming vestibule entrances and keeping floors dry. Accidents and falls due to slippery entrances cost retail stores millions of dollars each year. With the addition of fans to keep floors dry, Air-Row Fans has developed a solution for the point of most accidents — the store entrance.

Beyond vestibule entrances, Air-Row’s DA-248 helps to —

    • Achieve zonal balances
    • Address issues related open-coffin, multi-deck aisles
    • Augment starving long-runs

Case Study

Check out our Vestibule Entrance Case Study

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