Why Air-Row: Serviceable and Durable

Durable and powerful, Air-Row fan products are made for the long-haul. Air-Row fans remain in operation in stores after more than a decade after installation because they are designed and manufactured to be field serviceable.

Air-Row Fan products are unique in their field serviceability. Our open ceiling fans are easily accessible to technicians and staff. Similarly, our lay-in fans can be opened up for cleaning or part changes.

Created of durable aluminum, Air-Row Fan products are also environmentally sound.

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Air-Row Fans helps businesses around the United States achieve great energy savings, while preserving the longevity and performance of their existing HVAC system. Offering a host of destratification ceiling fans for open and gridded ceilings—along with a air filters and other HVAC accessories—we are your turnkey-solution for upgrading your HVAC system. Call us today at 317-574-1009, or contact us online to get a comprehensive quote. We help businesses lower their energy costs, and keep their commercial spaces warm all winter long!