How Many Fans Do I need in My Space?

Noticing a hike in your energy bills lately? It could be the result of an overworked HVAC system. If you are running a business in a large space, such as a warehouse, church, school, or big-box retailor, then you understand the struggle of maintaining a comfortable air temp throughout the space.

Through the use of destratification fans, you can help significantly redistribute the air evenly throughout your space, helping lower the energy output and running times for your HVAC system. At Air-Row, we specialize in the manufacturing, assembly and installation of high-quality destratification fans and warehouse ceiling fans. Depending on your setting, there are a few things to consider before making your final choice.

If you are hoping to upgrade your commercial HVAC system with destratification fans, it is important to know the proper placement and number of fans needed to give your space the optimal temperature control.

The Numbers

Calculate the Size of Your Space

In order to determine the number of fans needed for your space, we need to start with the volume of the space. This is done by multiplying the the square footage of the space by the height. In other words, length times width times height (L x W x H). For example, if you have 19 foot ceilings, with a width of 235 feet and a length of 130 feet, then your volume would be 580,450 cubic feet.

235 x 130 x 19 = 580,450

Next, you need to determine the intended model used and the fan’s cubic feet per minute (CFM) rating. 

Determine CFM

The measurement of airflow volume, determined by how many cubic feet of air passes by a fixed point in one minute, is the Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM). A larger space will require a fan with higher CFMs. This number will vary based on the type of fan. 


623 CFM


630 CFM


1600 CFM


705 CFM


705 CFM

If you aren’t sure which fan is best for your desired outcome we can help. Just reach out and we’ll help you select the right model for your needs.

How Many Fans Do You Need?

Once you know the cubic volume of your space and the CFM of the fan you have selected you  are ready to calculate how many fans you will need to for your space. You will divide the cubic volume by the number of CFMs and then dived that number by 60 (60 minutes in an hour).

If we choose the LA-248 model, which has a CFM of 740 at it’s highest setting for our  example building of 580,450 cubic feet our equation would be:

580,450 / 60 / 740 = 13.07

From this calculation, we can see that it would take approximately 13 of our LA-248 destratification fans to turn the air over once every hour, helping maintain uniform temperature and air distribution throughout the space. With your entire space evenly heated or cooled, you can maintain your current HVAC set up, while still gaining great energy savings in the process.

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