Ceiling Fans in Winter Reduce Heating Costs

Destratification ceiling fans are not just effective during hot summer months when the air forced downward creates a wind-chill effect that helps cool. Ceiling fans also keep your space warm and reduce energy costs during the winter months. Air-Row Fans is your commercial air circulation experts. We design and build destratification fans that help business owners maintain a comfortable space, without shelling out a fortune in energy costs. Here are some basics of how it all works.

Updrafts Keep Hot Air From Being Trapped at the Ceiling

A typical ceiling fan can run counterclockwise to produce an updraft of cool air during the summer, and clockwise to distribute a downdraft of warmer air during the winter. Air-Row Fans run similarly, gathering trapped or ‘stratified’ air at the ceiling. This effect is called destratification, and creates great improvements in air distribution, air quality, and the energy costs associated with keeping the space at a comfortable ambient temperature.

Active Destratification

Air-Row Fans are large commercial destratification ceiling fans built for high-ceilings and large, open spaces. While your conventional household ceiling fan can produce a light destratification effect, our fans are designed for high-performance air distribution control for some of the largest retail and commercial spaces. Using an energy-efficient motor, our destratification fans actively gather the warmer air at the ceiling, and redistribute it down towards the floor through the use of a fan. Large, open spaces can benefit from impressive energy savings that surpass the initial cost of the equipment.

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Air-Row Fans helps businesses around the United States achieve great energy savings, while preserving the longevity and performance of their existing HVAC system. Offering a host of destratification ceiling fans for open and gridded ceilings—along with a air filters and other HVAC accessories—we are your turnkey-solution for upgrading your HVAC system. Call us today at 317-574-1009, or contact us online to get a comprehensive quote. We help businesses lower their energy costs, and keep their commercial spaces warm all winter long!