Vestibule Entrances

Destratification Fans For Vestibule Entrances

Vestibule Entrances

Vestibule entrances often present a large challenge to stand-alone HVAC systems, as they are the point where the cold or humidity of the outside meets the heat or air conditioning inside, providing a great opportunity for your heat or AC to escape. Large buildings like big-box retailers and commercial distribution hubs utilize these large entrances on a routine basis, negatively impacting their ability to efficiently maintain a comfortable air temperature. This is where Air-Row destratification fans can help.

Destratification fans work to actively gather warmer air that has risen to the ceiling, and redistribute it back towards the floor via a small, motorized fan.  1-2 destratification fans installed at your business’s vestibule entrance can create an air barrier, preventing any cold or humid air from entering. The continuous airflow and redistribution from our fans also helps keep your floors dry and accident-free.

Additionally, Air-Row destratification fans can help your HVAC system run more efficiently and at a lower frequency – aiding in your overall energy savings. Functioning as auxiliary fans for your existing HVAC system, these fans actively “flip” the air in your space around once an hour, ensuring a more even temperature across the space, and requiring less direct use of the HVAC. By investing in an Air-Row fan, businesses can notice up to a 30% reduction in their annual energy costs. Much of this energy savings can be accredited to properly equipping their vestibule entrances with desertification fans.

Ready to upgrade your commercial building’s HVAC system? Consider investing in Air-Row destratification fans. We offer several models to choose from, along with custom installation services. Whether you are retrofitting our fans to your existing HVAC system, or are designing a new system from the ground up – we’re here to help. Call us today at (317) 574-1009, or request a free quote.