Grow Room Ventilation through Air-Row Destratification Fans

Stagnant air does more than leave a stale smell. Since this air isn’t continuously moving and ventilated throughout the space, pollutants like chemical fumes, volatile organic compounds, pollen, and bio-aerosols gather at the floor of your space. Many of these pollutants come as a result of using modern building materials. These pollutants negatively impact the health of your employees and customers.

Destratification fans are designed to both redistribute the air and aid in continuous ventilation. This helps battle these pollutants in commercial buildings. Improper air ventilation for too long can even lead to Sick Building Syndrom (SBS), causing you and your guests to experience symptoms like headaches, nausea, and dizziness from breathing in polluted air. Air-Row, using our robust, energy-efficient destratification fans, helps companies effectively eliminate and prevent SBS in their spaces.

 By drawing air from the ceiling and actively redistributing it towards the floor, our destratification fans ensure the air in high-ceiling spaces is continuously ventilated and safe to breathe. Furthermore, Air-Row fans are frequently installed in greenhouses and plant grow rooms to help maximize the health and growth of crops and prevent pests and diseases from developing in stagnant air. Installed in conjunction with your existing HVAC system, Air-Row destratification fans will drastically improve your overall air quality, and even reduce your energy costs by up to 30%.

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