Sweating Doors

Sweating Doors

Almost everyone has experienced “sweating” doors when shopping in the frozen or refrigerated foods section. Also commonly referred to as “fogging” and “condensation,” this phenomenon occurs when the air coming into contact with the glass hits what is called the “dew point” – the temperature at which air becomes saturated and can’t hold any more water vapor. This causes residual water to stick to glass doors easily, and condense on the surface as condensation or fog. In a grocery store or large retail setting, sweating doors can occur any time the colder surface of a refrigerated glass door meets the warmer air inside the building. This presents constant problems for grocery stores and large big-box retailers – especially during the hot and humid months. So, how do you mitigate this issue? Destratification fans from Air-Row Fans may be the perfect solution for you.

How Destratification Fans Can Help

Air-Row destratification fans are designed to actively gather and redistribute air throughout the space, helping aid in overall airflow, air distribution, and temperature management. Effectively “turning over” the air once every hour, these fans can help prevent excess humidity and heat buildup within the space, and maintain nonstop air movement. Continuous airflow over the glass door’s surface will prevent any moisture buildup from occurring, and keep your glass doors clear – no matter how many times your customers open and close them. Customers that can see all available products on the shelves are more likely to continue their search and make a purchase. While a fogged door maybe just a minor inconvenience, your customers will notice the many steps you take to eliminate these nuisances and make their shopping experience as enjoyable as possible.

All-Around Energy Savings

A key advantage to installing destratification fans in any large retail or commercial building is the improvements in efficiency from airflow and air distribution. By continuously flipping the air within the space, these fans help maintain a consistent temperature and humidity levels – a key to reducing sweating doors. Additionally, minimal fogging and condensation will give customers a clear view of the products, without the need to hold the door open and release large quantities of refrigerated air.
Air-Row Fans helps commercial retailers and grocers install advanced destratification fans that prevent sweating doors, improve their air temperature control, lessen the wear and tear on their existing HVAC system, and reduce energy costs by up to 30%. We help companies design and install destratification fans for their unique needs – serving applications like hospitals, churches, retailers, schools, stadiums, and much more. Whether you are starting from scratch or upgrading your existing HVAC system – our team of experienced professionals can help. Call Air-Row Fans today at (317) 574-1009, or request a free quote.