How Are Destratifications Fans Different from HVLS Fans?

How Are Destratifications Fans Different from HVLS Fans?

To maintain a consistent, comfortable air temperature in high-ceiling spaces like warehouses and big-box retail stores, there are several systems that come into play. While your building’s HVAC system does a lot of the heating and cooling, auxiliary fans installed at the ceiling and vestibule entrances help maintain consistent temperature without overworking your HVAC system. Two of the main types of warehouse ceiling fans used are High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans, and active destratification fans. At Air-Row Fans, we specialize in producing thermal axial active destratification fans to the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and performance. To help you clear up any confusion you have between HVLS fans and thermal axial destratification fans, here are some of the key differences.

Axial Destratification Fans Are More Efficient than Traditional Paddle Fans

HVLS fans work through the slow spinning of large paddles, often at a length of 7 feet or greater. This allows for a lot of air volume to be distributed at a slow speed. While this may seem like the best way to distribute air throughout a space, the efficient electric motors used in destratification fans ensure air movement is provided through constrictive columns that eliminate floor-to-ceiling temperature differences more quickly and effectively than traditional ceiling fans and HVLS fans.

Eliminate Excess Moisture in the Air and Maintains Consistent Air Temperature

While warehouse HVLS ceiling fans have a destratification effect, Air-Row thermal destratification fans are designed to actively gather warmer air trapped at the ceiling and redistribute it throughout the space. This maximizes airflow and helps maintain consistent air temperatures. As a result, you will notice less moisture in the air, and prevent things like sweating refrigerator doors and slip hazards at the entrance.

Smaller Size, Greater Versatility

Destratification fans from Air-Row Fans are impressively compact and versatile for their performance. Compared to large ceiling fans that can only be installed in select, large ceiling spaces, our destratification fans can be installed in multiple locations, in both open-ceiling and grid-ceiling configurations. This makes them ideal for applications varying from big-box retailers and warehouses, to churches, hospitals, and schools.

Air-Row Fans helps businesses around the United States achieve great energy savings, while preserving the longevity and performance of their existing HVAC system. Offering a host of destratification ceiling fans for open and gridded ceilings—along with air filters and other HVAC accessories—we are your turnkey-solution for upgrading your HVAC system. Call us today at 317-574-1009 or visit our website to get a comprehensive quote. We help businesses lower their energy costs and keep their commercial spaces warm all winter long!