Grow Room Ventilation through Air-Row Destratification Fans

Grow rooms and greenhouses can benefit from the use of fans for climate control purposes. These fans actually use a small amount of electricity for the magnitude of the results they achieve. It is possible to create a healthy atmosphere, and achieve effective grow room ventilation, for pennies a day through the installation of our Air-Row destratification fans.

Grow Room Ventilation and Air Circulation

Grow Room Ventilation and Air Circulation Properly placed fan can easily draw warm air from the ceiling and down to the plant life near the floor. Air circulation is especially important for plants due to the fact that leaves require a fresh supply of carbon dioxide from the air in order to keep plants healthy. Proper air circulation also serves to deter the spread of diseases that often gain a foothold in areas of stagnant air.

Destratification significantly enhances the growth, blooming, and fruiting of plants in a grow room, greenhouse, conservatory, or atrium setting, in terms of both display and production. These results are often even more valuable than the energy savings achieved from the system alone.

At Air-Road Fans, we are able to customize your destratification grow room ventilation system to fit the specific needs of your facility.

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