Air-Row F-18

In Square and Round

Destratification Fans for Open Ceilings

Air-Row’s F-18, our premiere product, is multi-speed and comes in Square or Round. The fan gathers air trapped at the ceiling and brings it down in a column no wider than 4’ from as high as 40’ up without a spread that interferes with cases below. Our square fans are common in warehouse applications, while the round fans were developed in answer to customer demand for a more sophisticated retail aesthetic.

Destratification Fans F-18 in Square along with Different Colors
Destratification Fans for Open Ceilings

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Features and Options —

  • Motor – Air-Row Fan products come standard with a 92% efficient EC (Electronically Commutated) motor. These high quality 5-bladed EC motors come thermally protected and multi-speed programmable.
  • Durability – Air-Row Fans are created of durable aluminum for long-life and exceptional performance years after installation. The unique aluminum design is more durable, more customizable, and environmentally friendly.
  • Field Serviceability – Air-Row Fans open concept design gives easy access for quick and simple maintenance and repair.
  • Customization – Air-Row Fans are the most customizable destrat fan on the market. From store slogans and logos, to any custom color imaginable.
  • Speed Control/BAS Interface – Air-Row fans may be grouped or independently wired to a custom wall switch for on/off and multi-speed capabilities. Air-Row’s products can also be controlled through an integrated circuit, which provides interface with building management systems.
  • Color Matching – In recent years, Air-Row’s ability to custom color match has been a huge success. All Air-Row Fan products can be professionally color matched to conform to any store environment.