Air-Row F-18

In Square and Round

Destratification Fans for Open Ceilings

Air-Row’s F-18, our premiere product, is an advanced open ceiling destratification fan designed to eliminate stratified air layers from ceiling to floor. This fan application gathers trapped air at the ceiling and brings it down in an engineer-approved column for precise air movement. This specific unit comes in two body options (Square or Round) to help answer to customer demand for personal aesthetics.

Destratification Fans F-18 in Square along with Different Colors
Destratification Fans for Open Ceilings

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Features and Options —

  • Motor – 92% efficient EC (Electronically Commutated) motor with soft start feature and multi-speed programmable options.
  • Housing – Kynar aluminum body for long-life and exceptional performance years after installation. Unique housing is light-weight, durable, and environmentally friendly. Two body option designs (Square and Round) with cross-shaped vanes for proper air distribution.
  • Field Serviceability – Air-Row Fans open concept design gives easy access for quick and simple maintenance and repair.
  • Customization – Endless color options, custom decals, tilt bracket add-ons for specific air targeting, proper blade guards for balloon or ball control, snap-on BMS adapters for communication connection, and now with BPI (Bi-Polar Ionization) kits for air purification.
  • Controls – Air-Row fans may be grouped or independently wired to a custom 115V wall switch for on/off and multi-speed capabilities. The F-18 can be controlled via 0-10VDC for building management systems or for potentiometer connection via the AR-Adapter.
  • Color Matching – In recent years, Air-Row’s ability to custom color match has been a huge success. All Air-Row Fan products can be professionally color matched to conform to any store environment.