Destratification Fans in Churches and Hospitals

Destratification Fans in Churches and Hospitals

Destratification Fans in Churches and Hospitals

Churches, hospitals, and other medical facilities can benefit significantly from destratification fans. They are also organizations that are often financially crunched by the high costs of running large HVAC systems. Therefore, destratifying the air that naturally becomes trapped air ceiling has a significant positive impact on lowering energy bills, freeing up more funding to help patients or parishioners. At Air-Row Fans, we provide the manufacturer of our Air-Row fans that break up the heated, trapped air at the ceiling and send it to the floor.

The Benefits of Destratification Fans in Churches and Hospitals

The destratification that our fans perform equals out narrows the temperature differential in your space. By doing so a large amount of strain is taken off of your HVAC system. This leads to significant energy-consumption reductions, which leads to significant cost savings.

The efficiency of an HVAC system is enhanced significantly by supplementing fans to destratify the trapped air at the ceiling. As result, the amount of energy the HVAC system uses is reduced. The entire system prevents the loss of heat through the ceiling. It also improves the air quality, eliminating stale and musty odors as the trapped air at the ceiling is circulated. At a minimum, our fans can change the air in your space every 60 seconds.

We are able to customize your destratification fans system to accommodate the specific requirements of your facility. Our fans provide you with greater quantities of circulated air for minimal power usage. These fans are serviceable in the field, and available in colors to complement the decor of your hospital, medical facility, or church.

You can count on our customer service team to provide you with the attentive and knowledgeable service you need when it comes to selecting destratification fans in churches, hospitals, or other medical facilities.

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