Applications / Industries

Air-Row Fans has replicated its destratification success in applications all across the country and in buildings of all types, changing air movement, solving air distribution problems, and providing energy savings. Take a look at some examples of our success.


Churches, hospitals, and medical facilities are the beneficiaries of great success with destratification fans. These high ceiling buildings use a great deal of HVAC-related energy, therefore destratifying this trapped air at the ceiling and putting it to use down below has a significant impact on energy bills.
Destratification Fans for Schools & Universities
Schools and Universities often work hard toward sustainability and energy savings. Air-Row Fans fit naturally within these strategies, and are today at work in lecture halls, conference centers, auditoriums, and classrooms.
Destratification Fans for Retail & Big Box Stores
Retail and Big Box Stores are utilizing Air-Row destratification fans as part of their design to work alongside the HVAC system in creating energy savings. Air-Row destratification fans gather the air trapped at the ceiling of these buidings, using that air to moderate the temperature down below.
Destratification Fans For Office Buildings
Office buildings typically house hundreds of workers, making targeted air distribution not just an issue of energy savings, but also one of employee and customer comfort and productivity. Air-Row Fans has placed its destratification fans in conference rooms, foyers, and high-ceiling entrances to meet these demands. Click here for our Case Study on
Destratification Ceiling Fans For Warehouse & Factories
Warehouses, factories, assembly plants are generally expansive buildings with high ceilings that can benefit tremendously from targeted air distribution for energy savings. Air-Row Fans has put its destratification fans to work in auto plants and warehouses nationwide, yielding significant energy savings. Click here for our Warehouse Case Study
Destratification Fans For Restaurants, Bars and Event Facilities
Restaurants, bakeries, bars and event facilities that have active kitchens have an ongoing challenge in keeping buildings cool for customers and employees. The addition of Air-Row destratification fans are a winning answer here. Air-Row fans break down stratified layers at the ceiling and circulate cooler air. After fan installation, thermostats can then be set several degrees higher to accomplish the same overall temperature levels pre-installation. This process of mixing the air to produce cooler temperatures at a higher overall room temperature setting produces significant energy savings.
Destratification Fans for Police, Fire & Public Safety Buildings
Police, fire, and public safety buildings often have high ceilings. Air-Row destratification fans can provide targeted air distribution and yield significant energy savings and save public dollars.
Air-Row Fans is a veteran in the grocery and supermarket industry, with years of of expertise solving air distribution problems in environments using refrigeration. Air-Row has developed tried-and-tested solutions for a variety of supermarket problems, including sweating doors, mold and moisture buildup, wet floors, and air loss to both cold and humidity in stock rooms and at vestibule entrances. Air-Row Fans are at work in stores nationwide, including Aldi’s, Walmart, Meijer and Trader Joe’s.
Destratification Fans For Sports Facilities
Ice arenas, gymnasiums and stadiums all face air distribution challenges, given their high ceilings. Destratification and targeted air delivery can solve these air distribution challenges and provide significant energy savings. Targeted air delivery, in fact, was the key for this ice arena. It is important to bring down the stratified air and generate energy efficiency, but also to target air delivery away from the ice into spectator seating, locker rooms and admission areas.
Auto Dealership High Ceiling Destratification Fans
Traditional high ceilings in auto dealership buildings present an excellent opportunity for Air-Row Fans to solve air distribution problems and reduce energy bills.


Destratification Fans for Wet Floor
Wet floors that leave customers vulnerable to accident are one of the most important problems that plague large buildings. Air-Row can target air delivery where wet floors could potentially be a problem — in refrigerated aisles, at store entrances, and where food and drinks are being served.
Destratification Fans For Vestibule Entrances
Vestibule entrances are challenging to large buildings in that they are the point where the cold or humidity of the oustide meets the heat or air conditioning inside. Air-Row destratification fans can be a barrier, preventing air loss against cold or humidity, while also keeping floors warm, dry, and accident-free.
Sweating and fogging doors present constant problems for buildings that count on refrigeration. Air-Row Fans uses its destratification fans to target air delivery to remove this obstacle. The use of the fans results in clear product visibility and eliminates customers having to open refrigerated doors to see the product.